The Rooster Fountain (November 2011): A lightning tour of Kauai and Hawaii's Big Island.

Drifter's Last Hurrah (August 2011): Riding a battered motorcycle up the California coast from San Francisco to Corvallis, Oregon.

Due West from Big Loins (May 2010): From South Carolina to Oregon in a tiny car full of stuff. Also, marriage!

Welcome to Nowhere (August 2008): Motorcycle trip to the Black Rock Desert and playa in Nevada.

Drifting to Idria (July 2008): My first trip on the DR650. A ride to the ghost town of Idria, California.

To San Francisco (Summer 2007): A long, wandering tour of the U.S. en route to San Francisco.

My Life as a Beach Bum (August 2005): Riding a 1984 Nighthawk from Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Florida and back.

Taiwan by Bus (Summer 2004): A grand tour of Taiwan on the Love Boat.

The Big Squeeze (Winter 2003-2004): Five broke college kids squeeze into a tiny car and drive 5,000 miles. Hilarity ensues.

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